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Experience the Magic of Matt Bartolo Photography.

Our Clients' Rave Reviews

Matt is one of my favourite humans.
His concepts are bloody (pun intended) brilliant and I trust him implicitly to be both a safe and fun photographer to shoot with and he delivers results that are nothing short of (bloody) magic.
- Em Jade

Matt is always such a pleasure to work with. The images he's produced from the shoots we've worked together on are nothing short of breathtaking! He is always very professional and creates a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, and he's always down for trying out new ideas! I've loved working with Matt so far and look forward to doing so again in the future. I'd recommend Matt to anyone in need of his services 
- Siren At Play

Passionate, humble & absolutely flawless at what he does. 

Voya Milutinovic, Guitarist - Bad Moon Born

Matt is an absolute champion! He's a brilliant photographer and even better person, so easy to work with and always goes above and beyond! 100% would work with him again and I definitely recommend him!

Matt De Gregorio, Drummer - We May Fall

One of the hardest working talents in the industry, as well as one of the nicest guys you will ever come across

Martin Michea (Metal Obsession)

I love the work Matt has done for me so much that I have him shooting my wedding and wouldn't want anyone else!! Very comfortable to work with, very talented!

Model Ellise Dent

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